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Beerfinger, a Daily Kos Community contributor is succinct, accurate and thus frightening: “Trump is a traitor guilty of treason and his supporters have betrayed us. Say it every day. None of this is normal. Don’t forget it.”

Trump’s attack on basic norms extends to science denial. Take poor Bill Denny’s (8/30/19) endless need to justify his religious views by dismissing naturalism in favor of myth.

For example, physical evidence that Adam and Eve never existed is in our genes (DNA), incompatible with there being a first pair of human beings. Evidence is the foundation of science (truth), something Denny and Trump deny. The Old Testament is allegorical, not true, except as a history of the Jewish people.

A humorous example of god’s ungodliness is this season’s first episode of “Preacher,” where god commands a Brontosaurus to not eat its poop. The poor sauropod disobeys and god makes all dinosaurs extinct, except a few small ones that evolved into birds, which is true but independent of god.

This ungodliness is the same as commanding Adam and Eve to not eat from the tree of knowledge; of course they disobey and god curses mankind with original sin, until a guy called Jesus (or is it Humperdoo – see “Preacher”) comes along. Such cruel and petty behavior occcurs when people uncouple truth from their personal desires, like Trump and Denny. In a sense, they are both hostages to and “damned” by their hubris.