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There are currently 22,000-plus gun laws. Assuming that passing more would have any effect on gun violence is ridiculous. Instead, here are some suggestions that would be effective:

A felon who possesses a gun has committed another felony. Story after story in The News-Gazette describes gun violence committed by felons possessing guns who are on probation or were let out of jail before their sentence was completed.

Do the crime, do the time. Juveniles too. If you doubt that violent juveniles deserve jail, you can read the results of leniency toward them every day in The News-Gazette.

If the jails are full, release the thousands of people who were jailed for nonviolent use of drugs and make some room.

Develop a sensible background check that has real teeth and make it universal, with the absolute caveat that there can never be a national registry of gun owners.

Stop promoting nonsensical “solutions.” There are approximately the same number of firearms in the U.S. as there are citizens. Millions of those firearms are AR-15s. While long guns may be used in mass shootings, street criminals almost never use a long gun to commit crimes (try carrying a rifle into a bank).

Claiming, as Elizabeth Warren has, that the government is going to collect all “assault” rifles is hopelessly impossible and will only serve to turn millions of Americans into criminals and encourage disrespect for the government.