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I just wanted to take the time on the eve of our wonderful governor imposing even more taxes on Illinois residents, with our 19-cent gas tax hike and our $50 hike in license plates: Thank you, J.B., for taking advantage of the middle class again to help bail out your buddies in Chicago, as always.

Sadly, this great state of Lincoln is probably the most crooked state in the union.

I get so sick of having to bail out upstate because they can’t budget money; they just want more from us.

Mark my word, it won’t be long before we see another hike in sales tax.

Let’s not try to control spending in Illinois, let’s just tax the people more and more. No wonder Illinois is losing population.

If I didn’t have family ties to this state, I would leave in a New York minute to a state that doesn’t take advantage of you every time you turn around.

Wake up, Illinois. Get the blood-sucking Democrats out of control of this state or we’ll all keep paying the price down the road, literally.

Do any of you Democrats ever ask where all the millions and millions and millions and millions of tobacco tax, gas tax, lottery money, toll charges and all the other taxes go each year?

We have a lot of politicians lining their pockets and stealing from ours. It’s very sad.