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We must congratulate the Urbana administration. It must be some sort of record to draw out at the public input segment of its July 1 city council meeting individuals who represented communities of color, disabilities, print media, broadcast media, gender, artists, musicians, educators, activists, faith and sustainability, all in protest over one issue.

The Urbana administration has demanded that essentially all events at the Independent Media Center obtain a permit with a fee of $100 and a processing time of 45 days.

This demand is in response to a single incident in March that disobeyed the IMC policy of no alcohol.

This infraction did result in a police call; however, there was no violence nor any arrests.

One event out of many hundreds. Some details were reported in The News-Gazette.

The Urbana administration appears to rely upon a Draconian interpretation of an ordinance related to alcohol usage at public events.

Given that the IMC is alcohol free, save for the one incident, the Urbana administration position is untenable.