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Cal Thomas, like the president he supports, apparently feels no need to bother to check what he “knows.” Even when he could easily discover that he is dead wrong.

His assertion in his July 5 column that ran in The News-Gazette that Americans visiting the U.K. are not eligible for U.K. national health services, because they are not U.K. citizens, is contrary to fact.

In less than 30 seconds, anyone can locate this official U.K. national health website that states the exact opposite:

On my last trip to the U.K., I did in fact visit a National Health Service provider and was charged the very same (minimal) fee that would have been paid by a U.K. citizen.

Thomas has long been sloppy with his facts. His column’s appearance in The News-Gazette should be reviewed by the paper’s editorial board. Assailed as we are with enough fake news, we don’t need more of it in The News-Gazette. Drop Thomas’ column now.