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My Daddy was a Chicago Cubs fan through and through. So, since I loved spending Sundays with him, I always cheered them on too and fell in love with the team along the way.

Well, that makes me very loyal and a true friend. This is what I tell people I see with Cubs apparel on: “Hey, you must be a very loyal friend! You’re a Cubs fan like me.” Most all people chuckle and agree.

What has really upset me is that the people who own the Cubs now have decided to fire their manager, Joe Maddon, because of the last three years of decline in the team’s performance.

I can’t believe it. Where is that Cubs spirit? What happened to them all standing shoulder to shoulder as the Cubs always do.

I am sending this letter because I hope Mr. Maddon reads it and knows there are many disappointed Cubs fans out here that will miss him.

Go, go Cubbies go! And as a true fan of the Cubs, I end this letter with our favorite line, “There is always next year.”

Goodbye, Mr. Maddon. God bless you and your future ventures.