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I recently watched John Pilger’s film “The Coming War on China,” the most informative, enraging and frightening film that I can remember seeing. You can see a half-hour interview on Pilger and his film by doing this:

Go to and search with “John Pilger China film.” Scroll down to the bottom of the first screen (position may change with time) to the entry:

The Coming War on China

The Big Picture RT

Two years ago, 732,778 views

28 minutes

You may suffer through about 15 seconds of a puzzling segment that I guess is from a previous show to get to Thom Hartmann’s interview with Pilger. The entire film is freely available on John Just click on the link, ”Watch All of John Pilger’s Films here.”

If you don’t care for two hours of outstanding, sustained, political commentary, then you might just watch the opening minute or so with its background of a beautiful choral rendition of the U.S. national anthem.