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No wonder our state is in such a mess with representatives like Daniel Didech from Buffalo Grove at the helm. Per a recent article, he is proposing a bill to prohibit the state from requiring staff to travel, for work, to states with laws against abortion.

It would also bar the government from reimbursing an employee for travel to pro-life states for “conferences, litigation and training as required by a grant or license.”

He thinks because states are pro-life, it makes them “very dangerous.”

This law would “protect” pregnant employees from being in a pro-life state where they “might be prevented from receiving necessary health care,” especially in the event of a possible miscarriage. Absurd!

The opposite is more true. Being pregnant, threatening miscarriage and being in Illinois is a greater risk because abortion is the law of the land. Even babies who survive abortion are at risk.

So, if staff can’t travel to pro-life states for their jobs, then what? Illinois will become a bigger loser than it already is. I think he wants to punish pro-life states because of their beliefs. A little bigotry and prejudice here Mr. Didech?

Another thing, why does the media use the terms pro-choice and anti-abortion rather than pro-choice and pro-life, or anti-life and pro-life. It’s just another attempt to put a negative slant on the issue.