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Following the shootings in El Paso, Texas, President Donald Trump spoke of promoting legislation for background checks and coupling it with immigration reform. He was not specific about what he meant with either.

Looking at Trump’s comments in the past, he likely means ending chain migration, changing immigration to a merit-based system, denying visa status to Muslim-majority countries and to deny asylum to most anybody asking for it.

That is why ICE raids in Mississippi detained 680 undocumented immigrants the same day Trump was speaking to survivors in El Paso. This time, instead of placing separated children in cages, the Trump agency abandoned them in school.

The bright light that has come out of the mass shootings is that Republicans are starting to speak out against their NRA rating and talking points and to push for gun sense legislation.

When constituents are writing letters to their representatives and calling their office, then the representatives must listen to them. We cannot continue to let Rep. Rodney Davis vote along party lines because he did not hear from his district.

Granted, if you fully embrace the El Paso shooter’s manifesto, then you should let Davis know too, but I am optimistic that there are more of us who believe this to be a welcoming nation and a land of opportunity — not a state of hate. In addition to writing or calling the Davis office, I encourage you to also support CU Fair ( and the CU Immigration Forum ( Together we’re better.