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The city of Champaign continues to busy itself with conducting the city’s business on the sly. The latest example of this bad behavior is the police department’s failure to share with the public the “reorganization” of its top brass.

Instead, at a special meeting of the Citizen Review Subcommittee held on Aug. 19, police Chief Anthony Cobb let it slip that former Lt. Tom Petrilli had just that day been promoted to deputy chief of administration and professional standards. Petrilli replaced Tod Myers in that position, and it took some sleuthing to find out that Myers has been moved to deputy chief of operations.

When questioned at the meeting about the identity of the lieutenant for professional standards who handles citizen complaints against police officers, Cobb announced the surprise temporary vacancy of this position, although it is a job critical to holding police officers accountable for their conduct.

It seems that Lt. Bruce Ramseyer, the most recent lieutenant for professional standards, is now day-shift patrol lieutenant. Interestingly, Ramseyer had replaced Myers just a few months ago as lieutenant for professional standards after Myers was promoted from that position to the first of two deputy-chief positions he’s occupied over an eight-month period.

The result of this clandestine round of musical chairs is that, once again, the citizens lose. Good luck to any brave soul who has the temerity to submit a complaint against a police officer. It will most likely land on an empty desk.