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We are writing on behalf of the local children’s charity named Fair Hope Children’s Ministry. For the past 15 years, Fair Hope has provided many children living in low-income families in Danville and Vermilion County with gently used clothing at no charge.

Currently, Fair Hope occupies the Bowman Avenue United Methodist Church’s parsonage. This facility is not handicapped accessible, and clothing is spread over three floors. All space in the house is utilized with no area available for sorting clothing.

A building has been donated to Fair Hope, which would alleviate these problems. It is on one floor and has sufficient floor space to accommodate all the needs. We have put a new roof on the building and are now planning to install new heating and air-conditioning equipment and begin modifying the interior layout to meet our needs.

The program is operated totally by volunteers with no paid staff. Case workers from the schools and social service agencies and nurses and ministers refer the families for appointments so clothing can be chosen for their children.

We are asking local organizations to partner with us to complete improvements to this building. Fair Hope is a 501c3 charity. Volunteers are available to give you a short presentation about our organization and talk more about Fair Hope, the new building and our goals for this children’s ministry.

To learn more about our organization, call 217-497-7616 or 217-446-5876.



Fair Hope Children Ministries