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In his June 25 letter, Daniel Ingram achieves an all-time low — or, depending on your point of view — high in biased anti-Rodney Davis attack letters.

Letter readers will recall, in the months leading up to the 2016 election, conservative Davis was the target of an intensive anti-Davis letter campaign orchestrated by Champaign-Urbana liberals.

A common theme of the letters — outline details of a perceived issue failure, political or otherwise, then gratuitously drop Davis’ name into the narrative, thereby implying some Davis responsibility for failure.

Davis received blame for everything from global warming to Champaign-Urbana potholes.

The letter campaign failed. Davis won the election. Anti-Davis letters disappeared.

A recent influx of new attack letters indicates a renewal of the failed 2016 effort, now with focus on the 2020 election. The same attack plan identifies a failing issue and implies some blame to Davis.

Ingram’s letter mentioned above is admittedly a more extreme example of the inappropriate and unsupported negativity of the revised campaign. In his first words, Ingram sets the tone — “Rodney Davis is an awful person. Really, just a terrible human being.” He continues by accusing Davis of supporting immigrant concentration camps, lying to his constituents, supporting a racist president and much more.

He concludes with the following: “His personal God is ashamed of the way he lives his life.”

Further comment on the above isn’t necessary. Ingram’s letter speaks for both itself, as well as the new campaign.