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For most of my adult life, the political system in the United States has been, to say the least, a mess. The Democrats went after the impeachment of Richard Nixon, and ever since, the Republicans have been after revenge. The Republicans impeached Bill Clinton but failed to remove him. Now the Democrats are in the process of impeaching Donald Trump.

The current Democratic Party is not the Democratic Party of my mother. The current Republic Party is not the Republican Party of my father. The Republicans have gone hard right and the Democratic have gone hard left. Both parties have abandoned those of us that are in the middle. So we the voters need to change things.

The moderate Republicans, if there are any left, and the moderate Democrats, if there are any left, need to come together along with moderate independents and form a strong third party.

Try to elect enough senators and representatives to force the Democrats and the Republicans to compromise and get problems solved. If you think it can’t be done, read history and learn where the Republicans split off from the Whig Party.

Congress needs enough liberals to force the conservatives to move forward. Congress needs enough conservatives to hold the liberals in check. Congress needs enough moderates to make things work.

Only the voters can force the changes to our politics to get things done. Vote people in office that have integrity and that you trust.


White Heath