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Deny, divert, discredit is President Donald Trump’s version of I’m rubber, you’re glue … when finding himself up the creek without a paddle.

Trump says he did nothing illegal regarding his “perfect” extortion call to the Ukrainian president. When that denial was obviously untenable, he double downed by further attempting to divert attention to Joe Biden.

Trump ludicrously maintains he called the Ukraine to help investigate corruption, where instead only false allegations and conspiracy theories about Biden are floated.

And if Biden’s son is guilty of anything, it is trading on name recognition, just like Trump’s offspring have done all their adult lives.

The real corruption, of course, lies in Trump and his administration. He and his toadies in thrall are working feverishly to identify the whistelblower so they can almost certainly attempt to falsely discredit him or her.

Let us hope Trump finds himself and his administration so far up the creek that he walks straight to jail. Lock him up!

We should all (well, not the dwindling Trumpists) breathe a sigh of relief that honest people like the whistleblower exist to bail us out of our own mess. How could 63 million Americans have been so wrongheaded?

Note to Bill Denny: You don’t have to prove anyone else wrong if your faith is firm, or do you?