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Exonerate? I cannot begin to tell all about what has happened in the last 2½ years to this country, but I’ll try.

Trump’s national security head is on his way to jail for being a foreign agent. His campaign manager is serving seven years for lying about meetings with Russian agents. The head of Trump’s transition team just got found guilty of the same thing. Trump’s son and son-in-law had a meeting with Russians to get dirt on his opponent. Not about adoption! His personal attorney is also going to jail for lying to Congress about paying off women.

Our president brags about grabbing women, and our right-wing evangelists are apparently OK with it?

Russia did interfere with our election. Facts, not fake news. Mitch McConnell recently refused to bring to the Senate a bill passed by the House to expand funding to block more election interference.

All these are facts. Is the Republican Party doing anything to put a stop to this? No.

The head of the EPA is a lobbyist for the oil industry. The head of Health and Human Services is a lobbyist for the drug companies. The head of the Interior Department is a lobbyist for the coal industry.

Trump praises dictators and chastises our allies. He was not exonerated by the Mueller Report as he claims. Isn’t it strange Fox News did not show the whole Mueller testimony? All facts of obstruction and collusion.