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Just read in The News-Gazette where the aldermen want to tear down half of downtown Danville for our casino. What a stupid idea. Tear down the civic center? It’s the only thing that helps bring few people down there.

The casino needs to be out there on Interstate 74 and the Indiana line, where it has much room for expansion of buildings and businesses and has the ability to attract casino customers off I-74 and from Indiana.

Terre Haute hasn’t got there casino OK’d yet, but already put a site in for it, Interstate 70, right west of town.

Those Indiana people must be smart enough to know where to put a casino.

A long time ago, Danville demolished downtown Vermilion Street and put that closed mall in at great expense. Lo and behold, a few years later, they tore it out at great expense. It didn’t draw people.

Danville, you are going to mess around and lose our casino that a lot of people have worked to get it. Don’t lose it over thinking a location in downtown is the answer.