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False racism accusations marginalize real racism.

A shoplifter at an Ohio bakery was arrested (and found guilty), but students at a local university known for leftist politics claimed racism, simply because the accused individual was African-American. Fliers were distributed and protests were held against the bakery. Truth prevailed when a jury agreed upon a multimillion dollar verdict against the university.

A Georgia Democratic representative falsely accused a fellow grocery shopper of racism, again simply because the representative happened to be African-American. An African-American grocery store clerk set the record straight, stating that there wasn’t any racism. This representative, who was wearing an “I stand with Planned Parenthood” T-shirt during this incident, refused to back down, even holding a press conference to further spread her false racism claims.

Former actor Jussie Smollett falsely alleged that two men yelled racist slurs at him while attacking him in Chicago. Smollett went on national television to double down on his lies.

Real racism exists, but not to the extent that false accusers might wish people to believe. And false accusers certainly don’t want people to know that abortion is systemic racism.

Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s founder, had a goal of severely reducing births in poorer black communities.

Sanger advocated forced sterilizations and espoused “weeding out the unfit and preventing the birth of defectives.”

Abortion is an epidemic among black Americans — the only demographic where induced deaths exceed births. Planned Parenthood locates 79 percent of its clinics in black neighborhoods. One third of all aborted babies are African-American. That’s real racism.