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A retiree after 30 years of service at the University of Illinois and a season ticketholder for football and basketball for over 30 years, I bleed orange and blue.

I am disappointed in the way the chancellors’ committee handled the discussion on Native American imagery. It was a shame how the committee handled the discussion and basically wrote off the opinions, suggestions and views of those who supported some type of Native American imagery.

I urge the UI to reconsider its position on this matter and come up with a compromise allowing Native American imagery to continue being a part of Illinois athletics in the future as it was in the past.

Chief Illiniwek was, is and will always be the heart and soul of the spirit of the Illini nation. Our tradition of the 3-in-1 music should be retained. The war chant should also be restored to its rightful place at sporting events.

What you are doing eliminating all Native American imagery should stop immediately. It appears to me that the administration believes out of sight, out of mind will prevail if enough time passes. I guarantee this is not the case for many in Illini nation. As long as I live, Chief Illiniwek’s spirit will be at games until I take my last dying breath.

Let us have some type of Native American imagery as we move forward.