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CompleteCare Pharmacy has closed, leaving an empty storefront and taking well-paying jobs and a real convenience for those of us living and working in downtown Champaign.

And it isn’t because business was bad. In fact, they also had a thriving mail-order prescription division. I don’t know how much in tax revenue they created, but it was at least something. And the mail-order prescription division’s success led to the closing of the store.

The whole enterprise was snapped up in a M&A deal, and the store was not desirable to those who bought it, so they are closing it.

All prescriptions will be transferred to Walgreen’s on Bloomington Road, unless customers opt out.

Personally, my prescriptions will be transfered to Hudson’s Pharmacy in Paxton, since the outstanding pharmacists who served me so well will be working there.

In addition, Hudson’s will have delivery service to Champaign. Sure, if I need a prescription in a hurry, I will get it locally, but the long-term stuff I take, will come from Paxton, adding to their tax base.