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Glib Gov. J.B. Pritzker celebrates laws Madigan’s Legislature has passed, including new taxes, most unmentioned apart from the regressive gasoline tax. Higher income taxes loom. While promising wine and roses, Pritzker never references moral or fiscal responsibility.

On the national stage, avowed Socialists push Medicare for all, free college, canceled college debt, Green New Deal —the moon.

Sanders has no payment plan, Warren will tax the rich. Even punitive wealth taxes would fall far short of funding these giveaways. And imagine our efficient federal government administering all health care.

Uncontrolled spending, waste and mismanagement is sinking Illinois and our debtridden nation.

Madigan/Pritzker promise massive infrastructure fixes, but can anyone believe earmarked gas tax increases will truly fund that?

Meanwhile, both Illinois and Congress keep awarding grants from funds they don’t have, buying votes while mortgaging our grandkids’ future.

For that matter, Champaign wants a 400 percent increase to the food and beverage tax to meet “unfunded needs.” Twenty-five years ago, local taxes funded good streets; today, we have larger revenues and disgraceful streets. Can no government live within its revenues?

An annual report showing the growth of salaries and pensions might shed light.

Democrats honor their long-established policy: tax and spend. Frustratingly, the Trump administration is also ballooning deficits.

What would late Professor Jim Heins, who always insisted “Don’t worry about the deficits!” say today? Everett Dirksen would have to change his famous line to “A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon it adds up to real money.”

It’s disgusting. And discouraging.