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Secularists deny the existence of God and increasingly ridicule believers. The Freedom from Religion Foundation exists to expunge religion from public life “to improve this world.” Sadly, rather than improvement, we see escalating moral depravity, political dishonesty, journalistic bias and rising tensions among races and nations.

Holy scriptures — the Tanakh, Bible and Quran — underpin worldwide Judaism, Christianity and Islam. But atheists denigrate religious beliefs as myth, impugning the writings of Moses and the Hebrew prophets and accusing New Testament authors of perpetrating an impossibly massive conspiracy of mendacity.

Faith is compatible with education. Our Orthodox congregation includes attorneys, physicians and university administrators and professors. They would acknowledge scientific basis to eonian evolution of the astronomic universe; but neither scientists nor Darwin can explain the origins of life, the complexities of the human brain or documented modern-day miracles.

Low religious affiliation among Millennials is attributed by Psychology Today to “a cultural environment favoring personal choice and individual freedom.” Younger Americans find their values in social media, yet many embrace the key virtue in Corinthians II 13:13: charity (love) — the social consciousness that inspires worldwide efforts by faith-based organizations to bring clean water, food and improved health to this planet’s disadvantaged.

Atheists, please stop sneering at us theists. We reach out to those despairing or struggling with loss.

Anyone feeling adrift or needing positive direction and meaning in life will find the path to faith through the open doors of places of worship, and there “…the peace of God, which passes all understanding.”