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Congressman Rodney Davis does not maintain the urban and rural populations of Distict 13 informed of what is really happening in Washington, nor defend our interests. He refuses to tell us the truth.

Fortunately, investigative journalists expose on a daily basis the scandalous actions of the temporary tenant in the White House.

Davis claimed that the tax bill (2017) would benefit primarily middle-class families.

Lie No. 1: This law actually gave an annual tax benefit of $1,500,000,000 to the top 0.1 percent of the population. This tax bracket only had 141,205 families in 2015, and each earned at least $2.2 million annually. How many 0.1 percent families exist in District 13? Can The New-Gazette give us this answer?

Lie No. 2: Davis said that tax declarations would be “postcard-size” documents. Tax declarations are now more complicated for most.

Lie No. 3: A recent New York Times expose on how a six-page section of the tax law, which was sold as a way to attract investments in low-income rural and urban areas, called “Opportunity Zones,” is simply another scam that reduces the tax bill of billionaires like the Trump organization and the Kushner family.

The article outlined how the OZ provisions encourage building projects for the wealthiest Americans by granting investors tax-deferrals for up to seven years on capital gain taxes and allowing them to cash out after 10 years without owing any taxes on their profits. These investments do not require that the projects provide jobs or housing for rural or urban working and low-income families.

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