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I will start out by saying I do believe we are experiencing a change in the general climate but will also state that I do not believe there is anything the human race is doing that is fueling that change.

Science can show data that the oceans are getting warmer. Scientists can point their fingers at the use of fossil fuels as a driving force behind this change. These same scientists will also point out that throughout the history of the Earth, there have been periods such as the ice age. That period eventually yielded to a period of warming that resulted in the melting and receding of the glaciers.

At that time, there was a fraction of the population inhabiting the Earth, and petroleum had not yet been discovered. The Earth moves through cycles that last for many years, and the inhabitants of the Earth have no control over that.

I still believe in conservation and stewardship of our environment so future generations can enjoy what nature has brought us, but I also believe some of the technologies being created today will also lead to future environmental nightmares. Science can be useful to advance our way of living, but it can also be skewed to “prove” whatever point the scientist is trying to prove.