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It baffles me that The News-Gazette keeps publishing Cal Thomas, decade after decade. I don’t know if he is careless, just makes stuff up or is a liar, but he consistently writes things that just aren’t so.

On July 5, he claimed that in the U.K., he can’t use the National Health Service because he is not a citizen.

The U.K. National Health Service is free at point of service, the cost being born by general revenue taxes. Tourists to the U.K. do get many types of free service on the same basis as U.K. residents —

Of special note is that asylum-seekers in the U.K. are exempt from all fees while their asylum claim is being adjudicated.

I don’t know why Cal Thomas writes the stuff he does. I don’t think it is laziness, because even a lazy person like myself can access the National Health Service website within seconds with a few keystrokes.

Why does a nationally syndicated writer like Cal Thomas not care more for the truth? Why does the N-G continue to publish him? Cal Thomas is an embarrassment to the conservative cause.


Hiroshima, Japan