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Has President Donald Trump accomplished anything?

I reference Eric Vimr’s July 27 letter denying Trump’s accomplishments. I’m a conservative Republican, ex-fighter pilot, been shot at, shot back, survived. I’ve paid my dues, have earned the right to express my opinions. Liberal readers will likely disagree with me.

Vimr’s letter is a rambling compilation of bald, unsupported assertions, poorly spun “facts,” half-truths and loose commentary that would have difficulty surviving a serious fact check.

He says Trump hasn’t accomplished anything. He reinforces this opinion with “his overall accomplishments are less than zero.” The obligatory racial remark is introduced in the first paragraph.

Regarding the economy comes Vimr’s terse comment “meh” (Webster’s translation — unimpressive). Where have you been, Vimr? The reality: Booming, best in decades. GDP exceeding 3 percent, record low unemployment, reopening factories, high consumer confidence, record stock market, strong modernized military, etc, etc.

Immigration: Vimr’s assessment, an international disgrace. Trump’s fault. Reality: After two years, Democrats finally accept the fact that the border crisis is real, not “manufactured,” but still refuse to provide requests for resources to solve the problem. Still Trump’s fault.

Comparing Trump’s rallies with Hitler’s 1930 rallies. Unbelievably shameless. Vimr is either too young or too naive to comprehend the difference.

The final concluding insult to conservatives: “Since they so clearly hate America, Trump supporters should be sent back to countries with similar ideologies.”

Probably an intended hyperbolic overstatement but earns Vimr a “high-five.” Trump tweets opened the door. Mr. Vimr used it.