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The president went all out for the Fourth of July. Wow! There was a military parade in the streets of D.C. with all the bells and whistles. He made a speech as well. How spectacular!

I wonder if the 8- and 9-year-old immigrant detainees got to watch it while they were taking care of the 2- and 3-year-old detainees that they are responsible for?

I would bet they would have been awed by the splendor, while they were feeling so dirty in the clothes that they have been wearing for two weeks and without the ability to brush their teeth, because there are no toothbrushes or changes of clothes available.

But at least they do not have to change the diapers of their charges, because there aren’t any diapers either.

Isn’t it amazing that this administration finds money for important events, like parades, but not for something as insignificant as diapers and toothbrushes for children who are in U.S. custody, whose care is the government’s responsibility?

When Rodney Davis touts how great this president is, we all need to be reminded that a sign of a great leader is how it treats the least among us.