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I’m not sure what happened to all those fiscal conservatives in the GOP, but I do know that the Trump party is piling up huge deficits while costing consumers billions, farmers lower prices and workers thousands of jobs with their crazy tariffs.

Their plan to rebalance the budget has been clear for along time: Having lined the pockets of the wealthy with a giant tax cut, they will rediscover their sacred balancing mission.

Since another part of their base demands astronomical military spending, they will seek to cut the hated “social spending” — Medicare for sure, federal support for education, maybe Social Security.

Seniors, go ahead and vote for the Trump party and even for our Trumpist Rodney Davis who follows the extremist right wing down the line, but get ready for more attacks on the retired, the young, women, people of color and everyone who works for a living.

You’ll also be voting against sane climate legislation, expensive know-nothing immigration policy and for a kind of intolerance that is dividing the nation and driving a lot of the violence we have seen lately. Maybe it’s time for a change?