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We believe we have a new, fresh idea about the Chief Illiniwek situation at our university.

For more than 10 years, 100 percent of the Illini Nation have been unhappy. The 99 percent of us who lost our beloved Chief have been unhappy and also so sad. Those who were successful in getting rid of the Chief ( the 1 percent) are also unhappy because the university didn’t go far enough.

We Chief supporters have had to listen to them gripe and complain for 10 years. It wasn’t enough for them to get rid of our Chief — no, they wanted the War Chant stopped, the symbol retired, music changed, etc. They will never be happy. They don’t even want us to think about the Chief.

Our suggestion is, since they will never be happy, Mr. chancellor, bring our Chief and the spirit of the university back and make the 99 percent happy again.

It was wrong to get rid of the Chief then and wrong now. Let us wear our T-shirts and cheer and have our arms around each other singing the Alma Mater with joy again.

Another mascot will not solve this. We want university athletics and the Marching Illini to again be able to play with the spirit of “Old Illinois” again.

It is not too late — how about Homecoming for the “reveal”?