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I believe there have been people corrupted by power and money since the state of Illinois was enacted in 1818.

In the last 79 years, this complacency and corruption of money has only increased. Politicians who have been in office for the last 40 to 50 years have contributed to corrupt this state.

I do not see how they can get themselves out of debt, as they have misspent money from the Illinois State Retirement System and other pensions and it is now a $220-plus billion debt.

The increase of taxes will not pay off this large debt, even with the surplus of money that will result from the legalizing of marijuana and expanded gambling.

It is not enough to say that a headache will result from the police officers point of view on writing up paperwork resulting from driving under the influence. The insurance companies will have to raise their price for health insurance to keep up with the taxing of legalized marijuana.

State officials are investigating the latest scandal with the perk cards issued by the local school district.

The middle class will be taxed to bankruptcy, and that is what the state of Illinois is doing. It is criminal.