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We really don’t need more laws, more restrictions on the innocent, because the criminal or lawbreaker will do what they want anyway. What we need is some simple 1950s family values.

Where fathers are there for their families. Where a respect for law, the flag and the country that offers opportunities exists. A respect for God, or at least the 10 Commandments; adults who are responsible, not hate-spewing anti-Americans, a respect for authority.

Teachers and schools that teach not preach, where grade promotions are earned not given because you are a year older, where school deans are present, not restorative justice namby pamby, where you do the time if you did the crime.

Respect for women, men and everyone and that is taught and expected not by letting 2 percent or the loudest group calling foul set the agenda.

You don’t need to like everything, but you do have to put others first, or at the very least be considerate of others, and that should be taught every day in schools.

Support yourself. Do a good job, whatever the job, to the best of your ability, and take personal responsibility and expect others to do the same.

We are still going to have issues, yet after a generation of relearning basic humanity ... life will improve.