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Rebecca Terhark’s letter about feminists missing the mark on abortion stirred memories and reminded me again that some of the women who come to Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats think they chose abortion, when the men in their lives may have been pulling the strings of their decisions.

Years ago, before Roe vs. Wade was law, I read a story in the paper about a teenager who wanted an abortion but lacked the money to get one. Days later, the story appeared again.

Guess who stepped up to pay? Playboy magazine! That’s when it hit me who were the real beneficiaries of abortion. Men, of course, especially now when feminists have swallowed whole that it’s their choice, their right.

At Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats, where I have served as therapist since 2004, women’s painful and guilt-ridden stories vary but generally go like this: He said that he would wait for me in the car during the abortion, but he didn’t. I never saw him again. He said he would divorce me, so I had the abortion. He told me not to come home if I didn’t get the abortion, so I did.

Then there was the nurse who was told to take the baby, still breathing after the abortion, to the broom closet and leave her, or she would be fired. So she did.

Now, my feminist sisters, while you’ve been running to Planned Parenthood to save your relationships, your marriages, your jobs, he’s been just sitting back cheering and applauding your right to choose.