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Bill Denny’s recent letter confidently states “facts” that have no relationship to reality. I can only presume that this is the result of relying on “authorities” who have their own agendas and which do not care about the validity of the “facts” they choose to disseminate.

In reality, the fossil record does show us transitional forms ... lots and lots of them.

Indeed, evolutionary biologists routinely arrange fossils in evolutionary trees to show the progression of one form into another into another.

Do they have examples of every increment along the way like an animated cartoon? No, we don’t have nearly enough samples for that, but we have lots and lots and lots of transitional variations.

We have many, many stages in the evolution of the modern horse or dog, species which are continuing to change today.

Lucy is only one of hundreds of earlier specimens related to modern humans. Denny seems to recognize that he probably carries Neanderthal genes and yet somehow seems to think this makes them something other.

He seems to relate to species as representing a perfect type with variations instead of recognizing that the essence is populations full of variation, and it is that variation on which selection acts to determine the characteristics of the future population, no different than creating a new dog variety by selective breeding.