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Writer’s anger

is misplaced

I read Eric Vimr’s recent diatribe that, frankly, I’m surprised The News-Gazette printed.

Vimr’s statement

that the 72 million people that voted for Trump must be defeated and you want more than just “make them cry” has serious overtones of revolution, to say the least, Comrade Vimr.

He charges that

my vote for Trump

supports lying; you mean like you can keep your doctor, your insurance won’t go up.

He says my vote supports dirty tricks; you mean like three-and-a-half years of Russian collusion that never happened.

He charges my vote supports child abuse; you mean like abortion.

He contends my vote supports economic mismanagement; you mean like the greatest economy ever until the virus hit.

He says my vote supports racism; you mean like restoring funds for Black colleges, criminal-justice reform and the lowest unemployment ever.

He goes on to ask “What are we to think

of our families?” My family is fine.

Other than that, it’s none of his business how my family votes.

He says “there will be much talk about unity” after lecturing me on my incompetence as an American who voted for Trump. Despite Vimr’s claims, I am not purely evil and he will not defeat me.



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