By ordering the assassination of a prominent Iranian leader, President Trump has dramatically increased the chances of the last thing anyone should want: a new U.S. war in the Middle East.

I sympathize with Stone Creek residents and club members who made lifestyle choices around the existence of a golf course in that location, especially those who recently purchased homes there.

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Jim Dey’s recent column on a federal judge’s ordering the state of Illinois to provide essential health care to transgender prisoners shines light on one of the ways this state has failed to fulfill one of its basic responsibilities under the U.S. Constitution.

Champaign County Board rules require civil behavior. However, at the December 2019 board meeting, Jim Goss, the Republican leader, was waving his arms and yelling, “the Treasurer!, the Treasurer!” — behavior that would not be tolerated in nursery school.

I beg to differ with President Trump’s oration following the attack by Iranian forces on our air bases in Iraq with his assessment that “no Americans were harmed”. Perhaps he and others have not experienced being subjected to a lethal threat by another, but I have.

Is the economy in 2020 really benefitting those who voted for Trump in 2016? Many Republicans point to increases in employment and wages, but who has actually benefitted from these increases and by how much?

Wow, where to begin? Should I use the old childhood phrase “sticks and stones” to rebut the hateful “malignantly ignorant” label from someone as hypocritical, intolerant and vicious as Eric Vimr in his diatribe (Dec. 10)? I find it exceptionally hilarious he distinguishes himself “... an eli…

Please pray for America. The reckless wannabe autocrat in the White House is doing with our country’s security and reputation exactly what he has always done with his businesses: place wild and unfounded bets — ego-driven, self-centered, and ill-considered — with other people’s money.

I am utterly horrified by the attacks on the Jewish community in New York. Praying for everyone all over the world and in central Illinois and sending love and peace and hugs their way.

A recent letter warns us that “taking Christ out of Christmas” will result in a “very severe price.” The author asserts that many people are experiencing Christmas as “a stressful rush to get presents, rather than “savoring peace, joy and love.”