Jenny Lokshin’s recent letter compared migrant detention facilities to concentration camps. Where is the outrage from local Jewish community leaders? Merriam-Webster defines a concentration camp specifically as Nazi concentration camps, and a quick online search of “concentration camps” brin…

In your letters, Frank Knowles advises your readers to go to YouTube to watch my film “The Coming War on China.” I am delighted Knowles recommends my work, and I am sure he wouldn’t want to encourage pirate copies on YouTube. It’s very easy to watch the film — go to my website,…

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I watched a lot of football over the weekend, both pro and college. In doing so, I have come to a personal conclusion and opinion. I believe that many of our current-day athletes are not able to follow rules or adapt to any kind of structure.

I invite you to participate in 40 Days for Life from Sept. 25 to Nov 3. It’s an international peaceful prayer collaboration with people in communities all over the world praying for help and healing for all affected by abortion.

Wait! You can’t say that! I remember years ago state testing for students avoided any questions about the two “E” words, “ENVIRONMENT” and “EVOLUTION.” I thought those times were over, but sadly they are not.

This is a response to the letters by Republican Sherry Steigmann and leftist David Green on Bend the Arc. I probably have nothing in common with Steigmann, except being Jewish. I have that in common with David Green, and I also am on the left of the political spectrum and share his concern o…

I think the noose in the elevator episode is ridiculous. Is there no right to knot tying anymore? Get a grip you too sensitive people and grow up. Fine him for littering, but how can you call it a hate crime when it isn’t a crime at all?

Recently, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) sent an email to its 3 million members informing them it was National Toilet Paper Day, a day to protect another of the Earth’s carbon-storing forests — the forests of northern Canada, the Boreal forest.

I appreciated your article about C-U CROP Walk in the Sept. 13 paper. As a member of the CROP Walk planning committee, I would like to clarify the fact that this effort is truly a communitywide interfaith effort. As your reporter correctly noted in the article, participants include the Baha’…

Almost weekly, our Santy Claus Governor signs another bill — spending your money — money you don’t have. How can that happen? If you sign a check, spending money you don’t have in the bank, you might end up in the pokey! What about after nearly 600 checks? Holy mackerel! Fraud is fraud by whomever!

Recently, there has been a growing interest in the things that go on inside The Pavilion in Champaign. There has been a growing interest through Facebook and other media because of a woman’s description of her experience.

U.S. immigrants as a group pay more taxes to support social welfare services than they consume. Individual immigrants, like individual citizens, may require more of such services from time to time and, as a result, they may temporarily consume more services than they pay for in taxes.

I recently watched John Pilger’s film “The Coming War on China,” the most informative, enraging and frightening film that I can remember seeing. You can see a half-hour interview on Pilger and his film by doing this:

Had your columnist Jim Dey called the Illinois Office of Comptroller for comment before accusing us of “an intentional misdirection play” in his Sept. 10 column, we might have been able to save him from getting his facts wrong and misleading News-Gazette readers.

The city of Champaign continues to busy itself with conducting the city’s business on the sly. The latest example of this bad behavior is the police department’s failure to share with the public the “reorganization” of its top brass.

SilverSneakers is one of the health care initiatives created by private stakeholders partnering with public stakeholders to reduce health care costs. The primary objective of such initiatives is to get senior citizens moving or exercising.

The Champaign County chapter of the League of Women Voters and the University YMCA are organizing a public information and brainstorming meeting from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Sept. 18 at the First Presbyterian Church, 602 W. Green St., U.

Am I the only one to feel that this is what our once Fifth Estate has become? As I watched the Wonderful World of Disney’s evening news on The American Broadcast Network (ABC) on Labor Day, I felt it was an insult to my intelligence to put myself through it.