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A sorry state for many reasons

I am sad about the state of the state of Illinois.

My 89-year-old father in assisted living is scheduled to get the COVID-19 vaccine three weeks later than me, his son. Why? Well, Illinois is prioritizing 30-something DMV workers over vulnerable seniors. I live in Florida, where the people most likely to die from COVID-19 have been prioritized.

I might have retired in Illinois, but I have been seeing the writing on the wall for a long time. I warned my children to leave Illinois a decade ago, and they stayed because of their ties. So now they are paying huge property taxes and watching the value of their houses diminish.

The inevitable reckoning Illinoisans will be facing is yet to come. Illinois now has a new nickname among business owners — “The Deadbeat State.” That’s for the habit of giving IOUs instead of checks. (I got one once; the payment came 22 months later.)

It is really sad that the politicians are killing a once-great state. Now they are killing your senior residents as well.

I nominate every 40-something teacher or DMV worker who takes a vaccine dose ahead of a senior living resident for “Coward of the Year.”


Cocoa Beach, Fla.

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