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Advice from medical doctor

I grew up in India, where I went to medical school. Community health was my favorite subject. Working in three rural clinics over three years after my internship and being part of vaccine drives in the underserved areas in my community helped me gain insight into how people viewed health.

I remember a young married lady who received no formal education having symptoms of tuberculosis. She was started on treatment, but did not finish the full course due to the stigma associated with this disease.

She died from complications of tuberculosis, along with her baby girl, who contracted the disease from her.

Thirty years have passed since I joined medical school, and my hope is to inspire the next generation who want to serve in any capacity in the medical field.

Be honest with your patients every time. Listen to what they want for their health. Find a connection that can last a lifetime.

Do not order needless tests/procedures just because you can, but practice evidence-based medicine.

Accept that life and death happens to all. The key is to make life count.

I am grateful to my parents and my teachers who have helped shape my life, and to God, who paved my destiny.

Finally, remember that success is not about having power over others but about empowering others any chance you get — one patient at a time.

Practice this until it becomes an integral part of your life.