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Many people seem to genuinely care about others and about truth as proven by science. That is, in some cases such as concern about treatment of illegal immigrants or about climate change, which dictate that fair treatment of fellow human beings is of utmost importance, and scientific research should not be questioned.

Yet this care about others does not apply for babies who are brutally killed through abortion. And those who reference science pertaining to climate change completely disregard science when it pertains to biology, genetics and prenatal development.

DNA at conception proves humanity. There is no dispute about this in the medical and scientific community. So how can so many turn a blind eye to the massive injustice carried out daily against 3,000 fellow human beings — to their painful deaths throughout all nine months of pregnancy?

Some even say that abortion is always going to be with us, so why should we do anything? Many people have certainly said the same thing about other historical abuses of fellow human beings.

And for those who like to misrepresent deaths from illegal abortion, they should wake up to the fact that women are still dying from legal abortion and many abortion clinics are very unsafe and regulated less than nail salons (Google Kermit Gosnell).

Justice and truth should always matter, and all human beings should matter.