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don’t equal facts

It’s not surprising that letter-writer Karl Joyce selects anecdotes instead of credible statistics to argue against the existence of systemic racism (July 11). He says police are more likely to kill White people than Black people, based on unnamed “studies,” when all credible research shows the opposite. He claims CDC data shows “Black people kill each other at 13 times the rate of (killing) White people,” without mentioning that White people kill other White people at about the same rate.

Joyce fails to recognize the internal contradiction of his argument. He claims Black people are more violent than White people, which he explains is why a disproportionate number of Black people die at the hands of police. But he also claims more White people die at the hands of police, so there’s systemic racism against White people. His implication is that Black people deserve the violence they experience, while White people don’t.

So tell me again about there being no systemic racism.



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