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OK, we’ve had over a year now to sort out this COVID-19 thing. Studies are underway, and results are trickling in; a sampling of which follows:

Germany: 96 percent of variant COVID-19 cases are among the vaccinated.

Canada: Omicron infections in the vaccinated are outpacing the unvaccinated by nearly 30 percent.

Research from Mt. Sinai, N.Y., has found that the second dose reduces resistance to reinfection.

Practically all studies are equating the severity of COVID-19 variants to that of the common cold, especially in the young.

Currently, there are over a million adverse events reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

Conclusion? Apparently, the shots aren’t working as well as advertised and likely could be having a net negative outcome.

So why are we still being told the world will end if everyone isn’t vaccinated? Especially since there are proven, effective, non-vaccination treatments available? For everybody!

Why aren’t questions being asked as to adverse short- and long-term vaccination effects? Without answers, how are mandates justified; for anyone, but most especially for school-aged kids who are known to be not much affected by the disease? They are the most vulnerable to long-term ill effects. What kind of legacy is that for adults to leave?

Dr. Robert Malone, a key mRNA contributor in the COVID-19 vaccine’s development, gave an enlightening interview to Jack Phillips (The Epoch Times, Jan. 2). Tucker Carlson aired it Jan. 3.

Dr. Malone calls what we’re experiencing today mass formation psychosis, comparing it to the 1930s German population going “barking mad.”



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