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Be considerate of other fans

I write to those who attend events in stadiums and theaters and show a lack of consideration for others in attendance.

Those seated behind these people paid to watch the same event. They would like to watch the event, not your backside. If everyone stays seated, everyone can see.

Architects designed the seating for everyone to have unobstructed sight lines. The common refrain when I ask someone to be seated is — “They stood up in front of me!” (Then ask them to sit down!) Or they tell me to “Stand up if you can’t see.”

I’m 66 and can still do this. There are many in the crowd who are not capable (older) of constantly jumping to their feet. Some, even if they do, are still too short to see (children) — what of them?

I realize this is a domino problem — all it takes is a group of people many rows down to stand and then there is a ripple effect all the way up. Constantly going to the bathroom or concession stand can be an imposition to those fans you are crawling past as you exit and enter. Also, cheering is expected, but a constant monologue (with no hope of the objects of your chatter actually hearing you) is annoying.

Once is mildly amusing. More would be tedious and makes real conversation with friends and family more difficult. So please, be considerate of those seated behind you and in front.



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