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Be generous,

and pay twice

Our governor announced that on May 29, Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois Plan would provide us with more freedom to shop at our local stores, schedule personal care services, eat out at restaurants and bars, go to the gym and enjoy many of our favorite outdoor activities.

Of course, there will be social distancing, face masks and health department restrictions.

Unfortunately, some of our businesses will not be able to reopen due to the loss of revenues over the almost 12 weeks of being closed. The local business closures will be as small as a single-chair barber shop or a bakery to a retail store that employs many full- and part-time staff.

I suggest that when we go to any of the businesses that are able to reopen, readers please consider doing an act of appreciation to each employee that they purchase a service or item from. My suggestion is very simple and will very likely be of great help to one of our neighbors who is in great need at this time.

Thank the employee for helping you out, such as the barber who cuts your hair, or the clerk who sells you a product, or your server at the restaurant, then pay them twice (double the tip, the cost for the service, or what you feel comfortable giving) as a way of helping others pay their bills.