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in the fall of 2022

On June 2 and 3, the N-G published editorial cartoons flanked by “Rules on Letters.” Since there seems to be no surfeit of letters, I offer these “fresh perspectives on timely topics.”

A British slang word, “trump” (verb), means the act of passing intestinal gas. The foulness emitted by Former Guy continues with his failed blog, lasting not quite three "Scaramuccis," yet his putrescence lingers in a large section of the electorate, i.e., the trumpists.

Indeed, a boat load of trumpists were haranguing another boat flying a LGBTQ pride flag on the start to pride month only to suffer a mishap (their boat blew up) as a result of reckless boating. No one was seriously injured, and the harassers were rescued by the harassees. It’s nice to see karma really exists. Taken individually, trumpists from the top down are a droll, even buffoonish group. Trumpism, however, remains a menacing presence.

On June 1, 1975, “scholars of democracy” issued a statement of concern detailing the deterioration of our elections and liberal democracy — specifically by Republican-led legislatures. They noted that democracy can break down rapidly. Just review statements by such luminaries as Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert and most or even all other Freedom Caucus members, the “My Pillow Guy,” Q-Anon-ers, Evangelicals and others — trumpists all!

Unlike Sen. Susan Collins, I’m more than concerned. I’m scared. You should be, too. Vote in 2022 like your future depends on it. It does.



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