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Better elected officials needed

One of the fundamental principles of teaching young children to be good citizens is instilling in them the concepts of knowing one’s place of duty, position in the world and duty to the community.

We have been blessed by the service of so many dutiful law-enforcement officers serving our community, and that has never been so clear as over the past week.

I feel as citizens, we also have a responsibility to elect leaders who know their place, and who support those who serve under them.

So many of our leaders in Champaign-Urbana have been supportive of our law-enforcement community over the past week, and their heartfelt condolences have been published in this very paper.

It is shocking and appalling that our elected sheriff has been in Mexico on vacation, far from his place of duty in this difficult time, and has issued no statement to his deputies or to the public regarding the horrific murder of Champaign police Officer Chris Oberheim.

Our elected officials represent the citizenry, and this callous, selfish attitude toward the public servants who keep us safe reflects poorly on us all. If the citizens of Champaign County support our law-enforcement officers, we must demand better at the ballot box.



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