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Bunny’s Tavern still going strong

I am writing this letter after having lunch outside at Bunny’s Tavern in Urbana.

It made me remember all the hard work my mom and dad did to make Bunny’s the business it became. I remember how my sister and I would go up there with them on Sundays and help any way we could — filling cigarette machines, stocking coolers and cleaning. We were told we could keep any money that we would find on the floor or in the booths, only to find out later in life Dad had put it around to keep us interested in cleaning.

Now, 84 years later, I see the current owners Ben and Frank and their team of cooks and waitresses working just as hard trying to get through the pandemic to keep the business going.

My dad would be so proud of how they have set up the outdoor seating and kept up with serving such delicious food. And, of course, he would be so proud of all the remodeling that Bob Venable and Jim Kelley did before the present owners. I am grateful to them for keeping the history of Bunny’s alive.

A lot has changed in Urbana since then. But one thing hasn’t — the importance of supporting local businesses to help them get through this challenge. Not many businesses survive 84 years.