Carry on humane legacy

Jan. 17 is Betty White’s birthday. And as we celebrate her life, many remember her exceptional acting career, warm personality and deep love for animals.

Betty devoted much of her life to animal activism. She spent decades serving as a board member of American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization.

Betty supported American Humane’s “No Animals Were Harmed” program, which protects animals in film and television — combining her two biggest passions. She even chaired the now 106-year-old national campaign to recognize “Be Kind to Animals Week” — the most successful humane education campaign and the oldest commemorative week in U.S. history.

Now it’s time to show our appreciation. That’s why, to honor the life of such an outstanding woman, American Humane has launched a campaign to recognize Jan. 17 as National Betty White Day.

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Each year on #BettyWhiteDay, Americans can express their appreciation for Betty’s contributions and carry on her legacy by showing love to animals in need and working to conserve earth’s magnificent species.


American Humane

Washington, D.C.

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