Private garbage collectors are trash

Whoever said private enterprise is more efficient than government never had to deal with the various trash services in Champaign.

From the below-par web interfaces to the surly customer service to the hit-or-miss pickups, private trash service in this town needs to be replaced by government-funded sanitation.

I would happily pay a couple hundred dollars more a year in taxes and have trustworthy trash pickup than deal with the current slate of private companies who are consistent only in how inconsistent they are.

This is the first city I’ve lived in that did not have municipal sanitation, and the difference in quality is quite noticeable. Just the thought of having to get on the phone with their “customer service” employees is enough

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to agitate me. I don’t understand how every company seems to hire from the same pool of malcontents to answer their phones. They must have been trained by the same disgruntled human-relations rep.

My trash has now been sitting on the street for almost a week because my service seems to have just decided to take the day off. Champaign, we can do better.



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