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These days, we hear about term limits for members of our government. Some folks say elections will suffice to change officeholders ... so discussion over.

But, if we’re more specific and change only one branch at a time, maybe we could get out of our rut. After all, it’s quite likely that one size won’t fit all.

So let’s consider the executive branch. The executive would be limited to four years as now. This would give the newly-elected executive time to submit proposals that were espoused during the campaign to legislators for assessment. Such proposals could be evaluated, adopted or rejected, with regard to past practices, laws, treaties and procedures of Congress. This would provide continuity of our government from one administration to the next, especially if political parties change.

Then, after 31 / 2 years, if the evaluation of the initial proposals shows less than 50 percent success, the executive’s four-year term would end. If greater than 50 percent, a second four-year limit would take affect and conclude at its end. This is submitted as a possibility.


White Heath