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Christians created modern science

I have been listening to scientific lectures for over 30 years. I get tired of Darwinian and Freudian atheists saying they believe in science and Christians don’t. Here are the facts.

Christians are the originators and creators of modern science. Almost all of the founding fathers of the modern sciences were Christians. Ninety percent of major discoveries and inventions that benefit mankind today were discovered by Christians.

The scientific method was invented by Christians and not atheists. Every time an atheist scientist makes a hypothesis and performs repeated experiments to test that hypothesis, they need to thank Christians, because they are the founders of the scientific method.

The first scientists who were Christians reasoned logically that the God of the Bible was a God of order, and because he is a God of order and not disorder, he would create a universe that can be studied and learned from.

Please note that atheistic evolution says everything came about by chance. If the universe came about by chance, it would not logically be orderly. Atheistic evolution is not based on facts.

1. Primordial soup no evidence.

2. Life coming from non-life through natural processes no evidence.

3. A single cell animal that all human, animal and plant life came from no evidence.

4. Fossil record no evidence of any intermediary forms.

5. Mutations and natural selection changing one animal to another kind of animal no evidence.

Psalm Chapter 14 vs. 1, “The fool says in his heart, ‘there is no God.’”



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