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It’s sad and disturbing that a woman was killed by a truck turning from Russell Street on to University Avenue in Champaign, but not that surprising.

For one thing, there isn’t a crosswalk in that spot, regardless of what the police officer interviewed by the N-G said. It’s a poorly-lit intersection at a spot where dozens of people cross the street every day, including me.

All day long, tons of people walk and bike down Russell, which doesn’t have a sidewalk, because it’s the only reasonable cross street running from University to Springfield. It’s poorly lit and dangerous and ought to have been addressed by the city long ago. This tragic outcome was entirely preventable, and it’s only a matter of time until someone else is seriously hurt or killed somewhere on Russell, either at that intersection or at the intersection of Russell and Springfield where the bus stop is (with drivers turning off of Springfield on to Russell without looking).

The city planners need to find a way to fix this area to make it safe for the families who walk through it.